St Pius X Parish in Tarakea has established a fund to support the education of the orphans within the community. Two hard working Parish volunteers visit the orphans and their carers in their homes or at school. These community workers, along with Fr Valerian Msafiri, then meet to discuss and prioritise those in greatest need. Support is then offered to these children by way of their tuition/school fees being met by the fund. Students are made aware that as they will be supported throughout their entire education, it is then expected that they will on entering the workforce, return the opportunity extended to them by way of sponsoring another child.

You may wish to sponsor a child which costs $250.00 annually, to cover the cost of a child’s school fees and educational needs for the year. However, all donations, no matter how large or small would be greatly appreciated.

Hope of Tarakea would like to have registered as a charity, unfortunately this is a somewhat lengthy and costly process. As a result, we are unable to offer receipts for taxation purposes. However, we have endeavoured to show our accountability by establishing our bank account through the Bunbury Catholic Diocese. All administrative work is done voluntarily, therefore no fees will be deducted for administration costs. All monies donated will go directly to cover the payment of school fees for the orphans and will be transferred to Tarakea at the start of each year to coincide with the due date of school fees.

Due to security reasons, we are unable to publish our bank details on our blog. If you would like to make a donation, please fill out the ‘Contact Hope of Tarakea’ form to the right of screen. We will then email you our account information. If you are unable to access our 'Contact Hope of Tarakea' form, our contact details are below.
Hope of Tarakea
C/o Albany Catholic Parish
154 Aberdeen Street
ALBANY  WA  6330

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