17 November 2013


Hope of Tarakea will soon be offering the opportunity to support the orphans by way of individual child sponsorship. The sponsorship will cover the costs of the child's education, including school fees, uniforms and stationery.This has been done in a general form in the past, by way of fundraising and donations. We will still gratefully accept one off contributions and donations for those who choose to contribute this way.  Fr Msafiri and his support workers will assess those in greatest need of assistance. It would be of great benefit to be able to sponsor the child throughout their entire schooling. However, this won't be compulsory as we understand that circumstances change and it may not be possible for everyone to do so.

There are approximately 300 orphans in Tarakea with only 50 having their education costs met by donated funds. Hope of Tarakea is providing assistance to 34 of those 50 children. It would be wonderful if every orphan received support throughout their education journey.