11 August 2011


A shipping container full of donated educational supplies was sent to Tanzania earlier this year. The container finally arrived in Tarakea in early May. The contents included a large quantity of books, along with stationery, computers, clothing, school desks, chairs and other resources.

Recently, a small group of parishioners travelled to Tarakea with Fr Rogasian with the aim to set up a library for the school of St Pius X.  Within a few days the container was emptied and a library, computer room and teachers’ resource room was established, with much willing and enthusiastic help from the locals. Both the teachers and students were extremely grateful, shown by their gratitude and the obvious delight in their faces.

Whilst there we were told that this was the first and only library in the district. Because of this, the school aims to open the library on weekends, so all people within the village can utilise the resources.

It is our intention to continue to work to assist and support the education of the orphans in Tarakea – i.e  Fighting poverty through education.

Movie Night Update

The recent Narnia movie night was a great success. Thank you to everyone who came along and showed their support. Our appreciation also to the Siemiginowski family and Orana Cinemas for their cooperation and support. Proceeds from ticket sales, donations and sale of Hans Fleck's coffee table amounted to just over $2000. A wonderful outcome for the orphans of Fr Rogasian's home parish in Tarakea.