20 July 2018

Tarakea 2017

In 2017, Hope of Tarakea sponsored 20 orphans aged between 14 and 22. During our most recent trip to Tarakea, we were fortunate enough to meet with 17 of the 20 orphans. We wanted to speak with each one individually about what they would like to do with their future and how we could assist.  It was a great opportunity to meet with the parish volunteers who visit the orphans, and Fr Msafiri who administers the accounts for their education. We had several meetings to discuss how to best meet the needs of each child. It was also reassuring to see that records are kept for each, and Fr Msafiri receives their school reports to keep up with how they’re going at school and will meet with them to discuss if he feels it’s necessary.

To the right of screen there is a page titled Orphans 2017 Visit, this page has photos and details of the young people we met. The following is a breakdown of what the children are currently doing:

·         12   Secondary School              
·            6    Technical College/ TAFE     
                       1 - Tailoring 
                       1 - Mechanical
                                  4 - Electrical Installation          
·          1   University – Teaching        
·          1   Establishing his own business    

The Holy Family Parish, Albany sewing and craft group were extremely generous with their time and skills, and made school bags for the orphans. 

Helen - Holy Family Parish Sewing and Craft Group
Starting the day at the St Pius X parish office; the school bags and stationery that we’d brought with us were given.

We were again welcomed at St Pius X Catholic Primary School library.  It was great to see  that a classroom next to the library, which can be used for study, has finished being built. Each class visits the library for one period a week during which time they can browse and exchange their books.

An invitation was accepted to join the year 5 computer class, in which the children were learning how to copy and paste using Microsoft Word. It was wonderful to see that all the second hand computers that were sent from Australia in 2011 are still in good working order.
Grace and Judith - Parish Volunteers

Before Class

Next stop was the staff room for morning tea where the principal asked us to pass on their thanks to everyone who has supported the school. As a special thank you, Steve and I were given the gift of traditional Tanzanian clothing.

17 November 2013


Hope of Tarakea will soon be offering the opportunity to support the orphans by way of individual child sponsorship. The sponsorship will cover the costs of the child's education, including school fees, uniforms and stationery.This has been done in a general form in the past, by way of fundraising and donations. We will still gratefully accept one off contributions and donations for those who choose to contribute this way.  Fr Msafiri and his support workers will assess those in greatest need of assistance. It would be of great benefit to be able to sponsor the child throughout their entire schooling. However, this won't be compulsory as we understand that circumstances change and it may not be possible for everyone to do so.

There are approximately 300 orphans in Tarakea with only 50 having their education costs met by donated funds. Hope of Tarakea is providing assistance to 34 of those 50 children. It would be wonderful if every orphan received support throughout their education journey. 

10 October 2013


A small group visited Tarakea in August 2013 and were pleased to see the library is now being well utilised by the students and teachers of St Pius X primary school. The books have all been catalogued and an inventory has been compiled. Extra shelving has been added to house more than 4000 books. The students in the upper primary classes are able to borrow books for a period of 3 days. On each occasion they must fill out a library card and their borrowing is recorded in a book.

 Library Card and Borrowing Book
 Librarian's Desk
 Library Extensions
 Extra Shelving
 Working Hard on Library Extension
A reading room is now under construction, so as the library can be made available to the wider community of Tarakea.

12 October 2011

11 August 2011


A shipping container full of donated educational supplies was sent to Tanzania earlier this year. The container finally arrived in Tarakea in early May. The contents included a large quantity of books, along with stationery, computers, clothing, school desks, chairs and other resources.

Recently, a small group of parishioners travelled to Tarakea with Fr Rogasian with the aim to set up a library for the school of St Pius X.  Within a few days the container was emptied and a library, computer room and teachers’ resource room was established, with much willing and enthusiastic help from the locals. Both the teachers and students were extremely grateful, shown by their gratitude and the obvious delight in their faces.

Whilst there we were told that this was the first and only library in the district. Because of this, the school aims to open the library on weekends, so all people within the village can utilise the resources.

It is our intention to continue to work to assist and support the education of the orphans in Tarakea – i.e  Fighting poverty through education.

Movie Night Update

The recent Narnia movie night was a great success. Thank you to everyone who came along and showed their support. Our appreciation also to the Siemiginowski family and Orana Cinemas for their cooperation and support. Proceeds from ticket sales, donations and sale of Hans Fleck's coffee table amounted to just over $2000. A wonderful outcome for the orphans of Fr Rogasian's home parish in Tarakea.