22 May 2010

By way of support to the orphan children who live in Fr Msami's home village of Tarakea, it has been decided by the group of parishioners who travelled to Tanzania last year to place all future fundraising activities under the banner 'Hope of Tarakea'. The parishioners who travelled to Tarakea with Fr Msami were able to witness first hand the plight of the orphan children and have concluded, along with Fr Msafiri(Parish Priest of St Pius X church and school), that the number one priority in any further support should be to cover the cost of the school fees for these children.

The first project under the 'Hope of Tarakea' banner has been to establish this blog. This has been set up to present some of the personal experiences as witnessed by the group. The main aim however, is to give an overview as to how we might individually or collectively, make an ongoing contribution towards this most worthy cause.

In particular, please note the pages under the headings, 'Donations' and Education Sponsorship'. These are most informative and include in some detail the effort and accountability process in setting up the arrangements for donations to be made online to the 'Hope of Tarakea' account. Please be assured that the funds will be transferred on a regular basis directly to the orphans of Tarakea account, which is under the control of the Tarakea Parish Priest and free of administration costs.